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UK Needs CCS to Meet Emissions Performance Standard
Tuesday, August 17, 2010
In his response to the Dirtiest Coal Power Plants Win Reprieve posted in Guardian in his letter to the media,  Chris Huhne MP said UK’s policy on clean energy is clear
In the letter, he wrote the idea that we are "watering down" our commitment is simply incorrect: this government has committed to introducing an emissions performance standard. We are moving as quickly as possible and our consultation on a radical reform of the electricity market to deliver secure, affordable and low carbon energy will be out within six months of the election, while a white paper will be published within a year. The view that this might raise the possibility of new coal-fired power stations "slipping through the system" is ludicrous.
We consider planning applications thoroughly and will not allow any new coal power station to be built unless equipped with carbon capture and storage. While we will consult on the final details of an emissions performance standard, I am clear that without CCS it would be impossible to meet such a standard. However, an EPS on its own is not a magic bullet to decarbonise our economy. We have inherited an energy system that has suffered from a lack of clear direction and was not fit for purpose. That is why we will be implementing comprehensive electricity market reform to ensure that we can have a secure, low-carbon, affordable electricity mix for decades to come. (Linkschina)
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