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Stakeholder Consultation Questionnaire on CO2 Capture Ready at New-build Coal-fired Power Plants in China for CAPPCCO Project
Welcome to the CCS survey. This questionnaire is part of the CAPPCCO (UK-China Chinese Advanced Power
Plant Carbon Capture Options) Project. The aim of the project is to understand the engineering and economic
feasibility of making new plants to achieve CO2 Capture Ready status (or ‘CCS Ready’).

At the request of the Gleneagles G8 summit, the IEA Greenhouse Gas Programme published a study which
identified the following key elements for CCR power plants:
► A CO2 capture ready power plant is a plant which can include CO2 capture when the necessary regulatory or
economic drivers are in place. The aim of building plants that are capturing ready is to reduce the risk of stranded
assets and carbon lock-in.
► Developers of capture ready plants should take responsibility for ensuring that all known factors in their control
that would prevent installation and operation of CO2 capture have been identified and eliminated. This might
☉ A study of options for CO2 captures retrofit and potential pre-investments
☉ Inclusion of sufficient space and access for the additional facilities
☉ Identification of reasonable routes to storage of CO2
► Competent authorities involved in permitting power plants should be provided with sufficient information to be
able to judge whether the developer has met these criteria.

For more technical info on carbon capture ready, please visit information briefing website:

For more information about CAPPCCO, please visit project briefing website:

We estimate it should take you approximately 15 to 20 minutes to fill out the questionnaire. Please mark the
statement that comes closest to your opinion. All answers will be treated anonymously and in strict confidence.

Finally, we appreciate your participation.
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