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Research results are always reported in technical papers and reports in the end. Reading the existing papers and reports on 'capture ready', and carbon capture and storage generally enables us to systematically and efficiently learn the technical, economic, and legal aspects of CCS as a crucial solution to climate change in the shortest time.

Key Reports

Reports on carbon capture and storage often propose or describe specific CCS projects on various scales of operation, the different phases of which will generally be concluded in the form of written reports. These not only are a summary of the project implementation process, but also pave the way to the next phase of project.

Research Papers

This section provides a list of major research papers on Capture Ready, and carbon capture and storage. Those papers, tending to be either theoretical or practical, may offer you a broad vision as well as a deeper and systematic understanding of carbon capture and storage.

CCS Experts

Learning how the views and opinions of influential people in the field of carbon capture and storage influence the trend of CCS and enhance the technical development of carbon capture and storage plays a significant role in understanding this technology as a solution to address climate change. Besides, those people have pushed forward the process of CCS with concrete actions. The views and opinions, as well as specific contributions of leading CCS workers and organisations are available in this section.

Key Research Institutions
Carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology has aroused great interest and activity among a large number of research institutions in recent years. With the efforts of these institutions, CCS technology has achieved substantial development and breakthrough. This section will focus on the research institutions that have accomplished significant achievement in the field of CCS. 
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