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Research Papers

This section provides a list of major research papers on Capture Ready, and carbon capture and storage. Those papers, tending to be either theoretical or practical, may offer you a broad vision as well as a deeper and systematic understanding of carbon capture and storage.

Policy & Economics

A comprehensive policy and regulatory framework needs to be developed to ensure safe and long-term geological CO2 storage. In addition, the proper financial incentives are required to assist in CO2 transportation infrastructure development. The costs of CCS systems, currently an important obstacle to their widespread deployment, are expected to fall over time as the technology improves and as more experience is gained in commercial applications around the world. Papers on CCS policies and economics are available in this section.

CO2 Capture Technology

It is estimated that the initial capture step account for 70-80% of the whole CCS system cost. Technological improvements in power generation and capture technology can lower the capture costs. Research, technical and industrial papers on CO2 capture technology, capture cost estimates, etc. are available in this section.


Storage & Monitor

The monitoring techniques play an important role in protecting human health and safety and the environment by making sure CO2 does not leak to the surface, demonstrating that the carbon dioxide is effectively and permanently trapped in the deep rock formations, confirming and improving the accuracy of scientists’ models predicting how carbon dioxide behaves when injected into geologic formations, as well as measuring and verifying the amount of carbon dioxide stored underground.
This section will offer you major research papers on carbon storage and monitoring.

CCS Integration

One of the solutions being discussed to cut GHG emissions from fossil fuel energy generation is carbon capture and storage. It is still in a relatively early phase of development, although arousing more and more concern from the public. Research papers in this section will enable you to gain a systematic understanding of CCS.


Capture Ready

Research papers in this section will provide you with reviews of the current status of capture ready technology, the evolvement of Capture Ready concepts, cost estimates of capture ready, capture ready financing, etc.



Transport refers to the stage of carbon capture and storage linking CO2 sources and storage sites.  Carbon dioxide can be transported in four different physical states, namely gas, liquid, supercritical ("dense-phase") and solid. Tankers, pipelines and ships are usually employed for commercial scale transport of gaseous and liquid carbon dioxide. Research papers on carbon dioxide transport are available in this section.

CCS Images Gallery

Here you will find abundant images on carbon capture and storage which can vividly describe CCS from the theory, integrated process chain to real project demonstrations.

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