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Key Reports

Reports on carbon capture and storage often propose or describe specific CCS projects on various scales of operation, the different phases of which will generally be concluded in the form of written reports. These not only are a summary of the project implementation process, but also pave the way to the next phase of project.

Government Publications

Nowadays more and more central and local governments worldwide are actively promoting research into carbon capture and storage – both to promote the rapid commercialization of the technology, and to assess the environmental risks.
Besides, there are more and more CCS demonstration projects funded by governments to better fulfill their targets of carbon emissions reduction. This section presents most key governmental reports on CCS to you.

Reports from Research Institutions

Many research institutions nowadays undertake the research missions of key national programs; besides, industrial projects on carbon capture and storage inevitably require the participation of relevant research institutions in view of the close relations between research and practice. Key reports by research institutions are available in this section.


Reports from Consultant Companies

Influential consultant firms are generally capable of integrating their know-how in functional areas with their deep industry knowledge on a global scale. Those companies are adept in analyzing and predicting the development trend of certain industrial sectors. Key reports on carbon capture and storage released by consultant companies are available in this section.

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