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What's Capture Ready

The term of "Capture-Ready" is increasingly used without clarity of its meaning all the time, actually Capture-Ready is a plant design concept enabling fossil fuel plants to be retrofitted in future more economically with carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS) technologies. Capture-Ready should not be restricted to capture alone in the sense that a CCS project will need to be integrated across capture, transport and storage. Accordingly, the concept of Capture Ready should ideally incorporate plant siting to allow as much as possible of the captured CO2 to be economically transported to the intended storage site in order to lower the total cost of the whole CCS process.

Requirements of Capture-Ready Plant Consist of:
Plant design for optimum technical integration of a CO2 capture, treatment and export process
■ Provide site space for additional CCS plant units and associated support/acess facilities 
■ Consideration of criteria specific to the site
■ Detailed design and costing study of options for transport and storage of the separated CO2, including identifying specific credible storage locations with sufficient capacity for the plant design lifetime

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