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Mott MacDonald Appointed to Assess CO2 Capture Technology in Cement Industry

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Mott MacDonald has been appointed by the International Energy Agency Greenhouse Gas Research & Development Programme (IEA GHG) to assess technologies that could be used to capture CO2 in new cement plants and retrofits of existing plants. The cement industry is one of the largest industrial sources of CO2, accounting for approximately 5% of total carbon emissions worldwide.
John Davison of IEA GHG said, “We’ve taken this step now, as cement production is forecast to increase and we’re concerned about the resulting increase in CO2 emissions, especially in developing countries. Carbon capture has been studied extensively for power plants but few studies exist for the cement industry and with no significant body of research, the project requires a reassessment of the design of a cement plant from a carbon capture and storage perspective. Mott MacDonald is a leading global energy and environmental consultant and its team was selected for their technical expertise to deliver on this important project.”
Working in consultation with the British Cement Association (BCA), Mott MacDonald’s project team will examine the two most feasible routes for carbon capture and storage at cement plants – oxy-combustion and post-combustion. The first phase of the study will assess the performance and costs of the two technologies and identify their relative merits and the second phase will provide a detailed assessment of the impacts on performance and costs of adding one of the technologies to a new build cement plant (initially in Europe). Further stages will look at the impacts of introducing this technology to a cement plant in an Asian developing country and ways of making cement plants 'capture ready' or designed to enable CO2 capture to be easily retrofitted in future if necessary.
The study is due for completion towards the end of 2007.

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