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UK Dithering Sets Back 'Clean' Coal, Says CCSA
Thursday, March 12, 2009
Article Type: Cited
The UK government is obstructing the development of ‘clean’ coal technology, warned a trade body today.
News that a consultation period will soon be held on the future of coal-fired power generation has angered the Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Association, which represents industry involved in clean coal development.
"It looks like we are heading for another period of consultation over where coal fits into the energy mix," said Jeff Chapman, the trade body’s chief executive.
"But this will just delay carbon capture and storage development even further."
The government has yet to announce the dates for the fresh consultation on coal-fire power generation.
"A decision on Kingsnorth (a new power plant) will follow the planned new consultation on the new conditions around coal fired power stations. We need to go beyond what we consulted on last year," Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband told a committee of parliamentarians recently.
Public consultation periods usually take 12 weeks.
More delays
Meanwhile, the government has delayed publishing its formal response to a consultation on what constitutes “carbon capture ready” technology, which defines the conditions necessary to implement technology to store carbon dioxide underground.
The response was due to be released in January, a government spokesperson said.
The UK wants to build two CCS plants by 2015, and is waiting to see whether both plants will be eligible for EU funding, the spokesperson said recently.
Chapman points out that more moratoriums will just force companies to mothball their plans and investment in CCS technology.
And that today’s ‘desk-top’ estimates for building CCS plants, which run into billions of pounds, can only be pared down by starting the ball rolling.
"This is the way to find out the true cost. We should have done this ten years ago," he said.
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