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E.ON Announces Pipeline Survey Work for UK's Kingsnorth CCS Project
Tuesday, March 17, 2009
Source: PEI
Article Type: Cited
E.ON has started the field work to identify potential carbon dioxide (CO2) pipeline routes from the proposed new coal fired power plant at Kingsnorth in Kent, UK.
The survey work aims to find the best locations for the pipelines that could eventually be used to carry captured CO2 from the proposed cleaner coal units at Kingsnorth to North Sea gas fields for storage.
"This is an important step in developing the options for CCS development at Kingsnorth and, subject to us achieving a positive decision on our planning application, is another indication of E.ON's commitment to completing the development of CCS," said Dr. Paul Golby, E.ON's UK Chief Executive.
"We remain committed to the Government's CCS demonstration competition which is a great start but what we desperately need now is action. Progress to date has been too slow and I very much hope to see signs of movement soon, which is why we've decided to push forward with developing options for our own project."
The investigation will study potential pipeline routes along the Grain peninsula as well as offshore.
Once suitable routes have been identified and sufficiently developed, consultation with relevant landowners, with statutory organisations, including Medway Council and the Environment Agency, and the public will start as part of the normal planning process.
The company is also considering the option of transporting the CO2 by ship, as an alternative to a pipeline.
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