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RWE Power to Build Pilot Facility for CO2 Flue Gas Scrubbing
Tuesday, March 17, 2009
Source: PEI
Article Type: Cited
The German city of Cologne has granted RWE Power a permit to erect and operate a pilot facility for CO2 flue gas scrubbing.
The facility will be built in the coal innovation centre at the Niederaußem power plant site. Starting in the summer of this year, it will capture approximately 300 kilograms of CO2 per hour from a partial flue gas stream of the power plant.
For the flue gas volume processed, this is equivalent to a filtration efficiency of 90 per cent.
The pilot facility will serve to test all aspects of CO2 scrubbing under real conditions. RWE Power intends to gather experience with this project for future large-scale systems with which modern conventional lignite and hard coal fired power plants can be backfitted from 2020.
For the CO2 scrubbing project, RWE Power entered into cooperation with BASF and Linde. The chemicals company is testing new, energy-efficient scrubbing suspensions for capturing CO2 from flue gas.
Linde is optimizing plant engineering for the operation of power stations, the aim being to significantly reduce the energy consumed for CO2 capture. This is because CO2 scrubbing, in general, detracts from the overall efficiency of power generation.
This reduction has to be limited as far as possible in the interest of climate protection and economic efficiency.
RWE Power has earmarked a budget of approximately EUR80m ($104m) for the entire development project including the erection and operation of a pilot and demonstration facility for CO2 scrubbing.
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