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DNV Selected by EC to Facilitate Europe’s CCS Development
Wednesday, March 11, 2009
Source: DNV
Article Type: Cited
DNV has been selected by the European Commission to facilitate a process to shorten the time from policy making to industry implementation of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). “The aim is to speed up, integrate, and optimize the wide-scale commercial application in Europe”, says DNV COO Remi Eriksen.
The European Commission is focusing closely on stimulating the construction and operation of a set of CCS demonstration projects by 2015. The successful operation of these is crucial for wide-scale commercial application of CCS within 2020.
Now, the Commission intends to generate early benefits from a coordinated European action by creating a knowledge-sharing network of CCS demonstration projects. DNV has been chosen to facilitate this integrating and binding project on behalf of the Commission.
CO2 Networking and Knowledge Sharing
European CCS demonstration projects fulfilling a set of qualification criteria will be invited to join the network and benefit from its operations. Mainly, it will provide first movers a means of coordination, exchange of information and experience. Also, best practices will be identified in order to make optimal use of best technologies available in Europe. Additional benefit will be provided through commonly executed public awareness actions and interaction with other international or national initiatives, offering higher cost-efficiency and impact if undertaken collectively through the network rather than on individual basis.
Also, the participants may maximize the impact on further R&D, and optimize costs through shared collective actions.
DNV to Facilitate and Guide
DNV shall, through the network, guide coherently and assist the European Commission in establishing and facilitating the gathering and sharing of information. This will help focus the policies that are needed in order to establishing a long-term value chain for CO2. Furthermore, the network should guide coherent and effective interaction of participating projects with related initiatives and organizations across the EU and worldwide. The project network will be developed into a service-orientated entity working in the interest of the participating projects. DNV will also be responsible for providing highly specialized services relating to information and communication functions.
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