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CCS in Leeds-China Collaboration
  China, UK

Monday, January 26, 2009
Article Type: Cited

The University of Leeds has announced a strategic research alliance with one of China’s leading universities, Zhejiang University, to focus on some of today’s key energy challenges. This brings together two of the world-leading groups on clean energy technologies.
The alliance will operate under the name UoL-ZJU International Centre for Sustainable Energy Sciences and Technologies, addressing issues such as clean coal utilization, pollution control, carbon capture and sequestration, alternative fuels and the development of new energy-related technologies in fuel and solar cells. The Centre will also encompass associated research areas, in particle, environment and chemical engineering, drawing on the combined strengths of the two universities.
Along with creating greater research and funding opportunities, the Centre aims to accelerate the application and impact of energy research on society, industry and the environment. It will do this through integrating knowledge and skills to deliver tangible benefits, such as the development of innovative technologies and better trained and experienced workers.

Operating as a virtual centre of expertise, this formally agreed collaboration provides both parties with the opportunity to extend their research activities and capabilities through working together. Its activities will include joint international conferences, joint funding applications, exchange opportunities for research staff and post-graduate students and engagement of industrial partners globally.

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