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EU to Spend €1.25 billion on CCS

Wednesday, January 28, 2009
Article Type: Cited

As part of the ongoing implementation of the EU recovery plan endorsed by the European Council in December 2008, the European Commission has today presented a 5-billion-euro proposal to invest in key energy and Internet broadband infrastructure projects, including €3.5 billion to clean energy projects.

Within this proposed package, €1,250 million will be given as the financial assistance for carbon capture and storage.

Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Spain (with Portugal), and UK will each receive a 250-million-euro to apply CCS to coal fired power plants.

Two German coal-fired power plants, Huerth and Jaenschwalde will share the €250m; the lucky projects in Netherlands are Eemshave and two Rotterdam-located ones; in Poland Belchatow; in Spain (with Portugal) Compostella; and in the UK Kingsnorth, Longannet, Tibury and Hatfield (in Yorkshire).

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