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Vattenfall Joins the Oxycoal UK Collaboration
Thursday, December 18, 20008
Source: PEI
Article Type: Reprinted
Swedish utility Vattenfall has taken step forward in its work with carbon capture & storage (CCS), by joining the Oxycoal UK collaboration, which aims at developing a competitive Oxyfuel technology suitable for full-scale plant application.
The Oxycoal UK project is developing the Oxyfuel technology for capture of carbon dioxide. This involves burning of coal in a mixture of high purity oxygen and recycled gas to produce a gas rich in carbon dioxide that can be purified and compressed for transportation and storage.
"Vattenfall has been working with development of CCS technology since 2001, and it is of great interest for us to become part of the Oxycoal UK project, one of the most advanced projects in Europe alongside with our own Schwarze Pumpe pilot plant," says Göran Lindgren, Vattenfall's CCS Project manager.
The Oxycoal UK project is led by technology supplier Doosan Babcock and run by a group of industrial sponsors and university partners. Besides extensive knowledge and experience of CCS-technology, Vattenfall's contribution to the project will be about £330 000 ($468 745).

The project will be running until November 2009, with two years possible extension.
Vattenfall's Oxyfuel pilot plant in Schwarze Pumpe was inaugurated in September 2008. During 2008, Vattenfall also presented plans for new CCS demonstration plants in both Denmark and Germany. The aim is for the CCS-technology to be commercially viable in 2020.
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