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RWE npower Launches Carbon Capture and Storage Joint Venture

Wednesday, December 10, 2008
Source: RWE
Article Type: Cited

RWE npower, Peel Energy and Denmark’s DONG Energy Wednesday announced they had formed a joint venture partnership to develop a carbon capture and storage (CCS) demonstration project in the UK.

RWE npower has taken a 75% stake in Peel Energy CCS Ltd, which was formerly jointly owned by Peel Energy and Danish company DONG Energy. The restructured joint venture, with RWE npower’s involvement, has successfully pre-qualified for the Government’s CCS Demonstration competition.

Should the project be successful in the competition, it would comprise a capture facility of up to 400MW which would form part of a new cleaner supercritical coal fired power station. It is proposed that the CO2 would then be transported to disused gas fields in the North Sea where it would be permanently stored. The project could be up and running by 2014.

The partnership between RWE npower, Peel Energy and DONG Energy brings together the expertise needed to demonstrate the whole process of ‘post-combustion’ carbon capture (PCC), transport and eventual undersea storage.

Independently RWE npower has already commissioned a separate test facility at its Didcot coal-fired power station in Oxfordshire, capturing CO2 using both Post-Combustion (PCC) and Oxyfuel carbon capture methods. RWE npower is also due to begin construction of a CCS pilot plant at its Aberthaw coal-fired station in Wales next year. The plant, due to be complete in 2010 will be the first to capture CO2 direct from a commercially operating power station in the UK.

DONG Energy is also actively involved in the development of CCS technology. Its CCS pilot plant at Esbjerg Power Station in Denmark, part of the CASTOR R&D project, is Europe’s largest CO2 capture facility to date and has been capturing the gas since 2005. Peel brings a heritage in engineering and experience in delivering major infrastructure projects to the partnership.

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