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ETI Launches First CCS Project Proposal

Monday, November, 24, 2008

Article Type: Reprinted

The ETI is looking for a lead coordinator for a project to accurately assess the UK's storage capacity for CO2.

The ETI aims to create a portfolio of CCS projects and has significant funding available. This is the first such project. The deadline for this stage is 6pm on 28 November.

It will be a desk-based study, using public domain and data from offshore operators. The ETI says it anticipates that the results from this appraisal will go into the public domain.

The project aims to bring together a consortium of key UK universities and other organizations able to make a significant contribution to meeting the project objectives.

A Lead Coordinator (lead organization) will be appointed to act as the primary communication channel between the consortium, ETI and the Project Steering Group. That organization will play a key role in ensuring that the agreed milestones are met.

As well as having strong collaborative project management credentials, the Lead Coordinator will need appropriate technical skills, experience of working with relevant industrial and academic stakeholders and ideally some experience of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) database development.

The Energy Technologies Institute is now inviting appropriately qualified organizations who wish to participate in this project as Lead Coordinator to complete and submit a pre-selection questionnaire. Please note that at this stage we are only seeking responses from organizations that wish to become Lead Coordinator.

A Selection Panel will choose participants on the basis of their track record and skills in this area.

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