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BP and RWE Shock UK Carbon Capture Competition

Thursday, November 06, 2008
Article Type: Cited

The UK’s competition to build a demonstration carbon capture and storage (CCS) plant is under pressure, after oil and gas giant BP pulled its bid and RWE npower announced it is seeking a High Court appeal of the government’s decision to exclude it from the shortlist.

Announced in November 2007, the winner of the competition will receive financial support from the government to develop a coal-fired power plant with ‘post combustion’ CCS technology – meaning that carbon is stripped from the emissions after fossil fuels are burnt. In July 2008, a shortlist of ‘pre-qualified’ companies was announced: BP Alternative Energy, E.ON UK, Peel Power and Scottish Power Generation.

But Environmental Finance has learned that BP Alternative Energy no longer intends to enter a bid to win the competition. “We now do not believe that we can put together a winning consortium within the time-frame of the competition,” BP spokesman David Nicholas said.

Meanwhile, RWE npower is asking the UK’s High Court to review the government’s decision to leave it off the shortlist.

The company issued a statement saying: “We've been in discussion with the parties who have pre-qualified in the CCS competition with a view to identifying appropriate opportunities to participate in the next phase. We're optimistic we will be involved in the next stage of its development. However we do believe we should have been short-listed and, as a prudent measure to preserve our position, we submitted an application to seek a Judicial Review of the process."

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