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GE and Schlumberger Work Together on IGCC CCS

Thursday, May 29, 2008
Article Type: Reprinted

GE Energy has signed a carbon sequestration alliance agreement with Schlumberger Carbon Services to accelerate the use of IGCC technology.

GE said the agreement will help both companies to offer customers a cost effective solution that will provide a complete answer for IGCC with CCS that can be readily implemented under the proper regulatory framework.

GE's IGCC technology will be partnered with Schlumberger's services for assessing, selecting and qualifying potential geological carbon storage sites.

GE said clear regulations and policies are needed for large-scale implementation. It said it can offer IGCC plants with CCS from the beginning or designed to be retrofitted when clear policy and regulations create an appropriate environment.

Its involvement with IGCC includes supplying a gas turbine for Cool Water, the first IGCC demonstration project, which came on line in 1984. Its IGCC technology also has operated at the TECO Polk I station in Florida for more than 12 years.

The company currently offers commercial scale IGCC plant designs that offer emissions approaching those of advanced natural gas combined cycle performance for SOx, NOx and Particulate Matter.

Several utilities in the eastern U.S., including Duke Energy, AEP and Tenaska, are currently working on proposed IGCC projects using GE's technology.

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