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DOE Awards $126.6m for Two Sequestration Projects

Thursday, May 08, 2008
Source: DOE
Article Type: Cited 

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has awarded $126.6 million to the West Coast Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership (WESTCARB) and the Midwest Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership (MRCSP) for the Department's fifth and sixth large-scale carbon sequestration projects.

The new projects will demonstrate the entire CO2 injection process, pre-injection characterisation, injection process monitoring, and post-injection monitoring for large scale injections of one million tons or more to test the ability of different geologic settings to permanently store CO2.

DOE plans to invest $126.6 million in the two projects over the next 10 years, while the industry partners will provide $56.6 million in cost-shared funds to make these projects a success.

Midwest Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership (MRCSP), led by Battelle Memorial Laboratories, will demonstrate CO2 storage in the Mount Simon Sandstone. This geologic formation stretches from Kentucky through Ohio and has the potential to store more than 100 years of CO2 emissions from major point sources in the region.

The MRCSP will inject approximately one million tons of CO2 from an ethanol production facility. In this area of Ohio, the Mount Simon formation is approximately 3,000 feet deep. The CO2 will be injected on the facility site, and MRCSP will be responsible for development of the infrastructure, operations, closure, and monitoring of the injected CO2.
Total Project Cost: $92,846,271
DOE Share: $61,096,271
Partner Share: $31,750,000

West Coast Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership (WESTCARB), led by the California Energy Commission, will conduct a geologic CO2 storage project in the San Joaquin Basin in Central California.

The project will inject 1 million tons of CO2 over 4 years into deep (7,000+ feet) geologic formations below a 50-megawatt, zero-emission power plant in Kimberlina, CA.

The Clean Energy Systems plant uses natural or synthesis gas in an oxyfuel system and produces a relatively pure stream of CO2. This CO2 will be compressed and injected into one of a number of potential storage formations below the surface of the plant. WESTCARB will develop, operate, and close the injection site as well as monitor the fate of the injected CO2.
Total Project Cost: $90,594,099
DOE Share: $65,606,584
Partner Share: $24,987,515

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