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Alberta Launches Carbon Council

Thursday, April 24, 2008
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The Government of Alberta, Canada has launched a council that will develop a roadmap for implementing carbon capture and storage.

The council will be led by Jim Carter, the former Syncrude president, who was involved in making advances in oil sands productivity and environmental performance, the government said.

The council includes representatives from the government and from different sectors including those with expertise in operating pipelines and using CO2 to enhance oil recovery.

The council will develop a roadmap for implementing CCS in Alberta, reporting back to government in the Autumn, and will also respond to recommendations made in January by a federal-provincial task force on CCS.

Setting up the council was a commitment made under Alberta's 2008 climate change strategy. Under the strategy, Alberta committed to reducing projected emissions by 200 megatonnes by 2050. Analysis indicated CCS would account for 139 megatonnes of the total reductions.

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