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UK Government Commits Large Amount of Subsidies to CCS Pilot Project

Monday, Apr 28, 2008
Article Type: Cited 

The UK Government has pledged a subsidy worth "tens of millions of pounds" to the winner of its CCS power plant pilot project competition.

Nine companies are currently bidding to build the power plant, which will trial the commercial viability of coal-fired CCS technology.

Speaking at a conference, Michael Jacobs, a Senior Adviser to Prime Minister Gordon Brown, said that the Government was committed to supporting the first CCS power station.

However, industry sources were reported as being disappointed by the amount on offer for a project that will cost at least £1 billion in total.

The amount is far less than the government's stated commitment to fund "up to 100% of the additional costs of carbon capture", which are estimated to be at least £300 million.

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