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E.ON Enters UK Government’s CCS Competition

Wednesday, Apr 02, 2008
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E.ON will be one of the entrants to the UK Government's carbon capture and storage competition, launched last year.

The company's entry into the competition is based on its proposed Kingsnorth coal-fired project in Kent, which it plans to build CCS-ready in anticipation of this technology being successfully developed.

E.ON is also proposing that a decision on its Kingsnorth planning application is not made until later in the year, following completion of the Government's consultation into what will be required to make a coal-fired power station CCS-ready.

The company's entry into the CCS competition is supported by partners, consisting of Arup for project management; EPRI for international technology dissemination; Fluor as carbon capture technology supplier; MHI as carbon capture technology supplier; Penspen for pipeline transportation; and Tullow Oil for carbon dioxide storage.

March 31 2008 was the deadline for entrants to the first pre-qualification phase of the competition. Successful applicants will now progress to a second round in May.

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