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Eni and Enel Launch CCS Feasibility Study

Thursday, Mar 06, 2008
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The chief executives of Eni, Paolo Scaroni, and Enel, Fulvio Conti, have signed a letter of intent to develop a joint feasibility study on CCS.

Eni possesses skills in the sequestration of CO2 in geological sites, such as depleted hydrocarbon deposits, deep saline aquifers, etc., while Enel is skilled in the capture of CO2, having launched two CCS demonstration projects.

Enel is also studying the potential of geological storage in areas near its power plants. If the feasibility study is successful, Eni and Enel will jointly develop a draft "National Plan" for the capture, transport and sequestration of CO2 to be submitted to the government and to the competent Italian and European institutions.

In particular, they are committed to conducting a joint assessment of national off-shore and on-shore CO2 sequestration options and the implementation of one or more pilot projects involving the integration of CCS facilities.

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