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Alstom and Partners Launch Chilled Ammonia Capture Project

Friday, Feb 29, 2008
Article Type: Reprinted

Alstom, together with its US partners the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and We Energies, has launched a pilot project that uses chilled ammonia to capture CO2 from coal-fueled power plants.

Alstom will operate a 1.7 MW process that captures CO2 from a portion of coal-fired boiler flue gas at We Energies' Pleasant Prairie Power Plant, a 1,224 MW coal-fired generating station.

Alstom's process uses chilled ammonia to capture CO2 and isolates it in a concentrated, high-pressure solution. In laboratory testing it has demonstrated the potential to capture more than 90 percent of CO2 at a cost that is less than other currently commercialised carbon capture technologies.

The demonstration project will provide the opportunity to test the process on a larger scale and to evaluate its potential to remove CO2 while reducing the energy used in the process.

EPRI will conduct an engineering and environmental performance and cost analysis during the project, which will last at least one year.

Through EPRI's collaborative research and development program, more than 30 organisations representing a large portion of the coal-fueled utilities in the United States have committed to support this project.

EPRI will conduct an extensive evaluation of the system's performance and support the development of technological and economic analyses associated with applying the carbon capture process on a commercial scale, primarily to larger coal-fueled power plants.

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