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Edinburgh University Offers CCS Courses

Thursday, Feb 14, 2008
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Edinburgh University is offering new courses in the areas of CCS and carbon management. These courses are designed for professionals who wish to be able to tackle climate change in practice, through developing new skills to meet the challenge of finding new technological and business solutions to the problem of climate change.

Already on the go is a CPD (Continuing Professional Development) course called Geology for Engineers. The one-day course aims to enable participants to work and have dialogue with geoscientists while engaged on CCS projects.

It is aimed at engineering and science professionals without geology degrees, and so covers basics of geology with an orientation towards practical CO2 storage applications.

Companies and organizations that have already sent staff to this course include: ConocoPhillips, Shell, EON and the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency. The next available course will run this summer.

A new MSc in Carbon Management has also been launched. It provides high-level interdisciplinary skills and training in the business, economics and science of carbon management.

The course boasts lecturers of international standing and excellent links to business. It covers practical approaches like carbon audits, carbon footprints and carbon trading, as well as provides a detailed understanding of climate science and economics.

Edinburgh University is also in the process of planning an MSc on CCS, to start in 2009. It is intended to cover issues from capture plant design to carbon storage monitoring, and target science and engineering professionals and students.

Together with Heriot-Watt University and British Geological Society, it has formed the Scottish Centre for Carbon Storage. Heriot-Watt is also planning a CPD course on engineering aspects of carbon storage, including injection and EOR.

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