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Carbon Clean Solutions Receives US Patent

May 2, 2019

The company has been awarded a patent in the US and received an issue of patent notification in Canada for its carbon capture technology.

With the US patent secured and the Canada patent grant to be finalized in Q2 2019, CCSL is looking to establish its footprint in North America.

Prateek Bumb, CTO of CCSL, said, “We have hit another important milestone as CCSL grows our network and establishes in key markets. We’re happy to share that, with our recent US grant and developments in Canada underway, we have strengthened our IP position in North America extensively.”


The patents, which cover CSSL’s advanced solvents and their methods of use, mark a significant moment as CCSL strengthens its presence in both the US and Canada, bringing established, transformational carbon capture technology to more markets. CCSL is excited to continue to develop new partnerships and work with a range of stakeholders on their shared mission of reducing the cost of carbon capture through scalable, commercial solutions. (Carbon Capture Journal)

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