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UK Carbon Capture Advisory Group to Include BP and Shell

 March 21, 2019

A new UK Government-backed carbon capture advisory group will include representatives from BP and Shell.

Announced by the UK Government today, the group has been formed in an effort to open the first Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage (CCUS) facility in the UK by the mid-2020s.

Energy minister Claire Perry said the group would help ensure the takes “full advantage” in the emerging CCS sector.

The UK Government has backed the group with a £1 million support package.

Energy and infrastructure firms such as BP, Shell, Tata Steel, National Grid, Cadent and Drax are all involved.

Claire Perry, energy and clean growth minister, said at the CCUS Council today:“The UK will continue to thrive as a world leader in clean growth technologies like carbon capture through our ambitious modern Industrial Strategy.

"The new advisory group will help ensure that we take full advantage of the potential of this emerging industry, with a view to deploying the first CCUS facility in the UK from the mid-2020s."

In November, the UK Government announced fresh funding for carbon capture and storage (CCS) in the north-east – three years after scrapping a £1bn stake for developing the technology.

Energy Minister Claire Perry outlined an “action plan” to bring the UK’s first CCS facility up and running by the mid-2020s, committing £45million to innovation and constructing the technology.

A £175,000 grant was also announced for the Acorn project at the St Fergus gas plant, match funded by the European Commission, to develop ways of transporting carbon emissions for North Sea storage.

It comes after a CCS project at Peterhead Power Station, backed by energy firms SSE and Shell, had to be scrapped in 2015. (Energy Voice)

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