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GroundMetrics Wins Research Grant to Apply Deep Learning to CO2 Storage Monitoring

 February 21, 2019

GroundMetrics Inc., a world-leading electromagnetic sensor system company and oil and gas technology pioneer, will use proprietary sensor systems and machine learning to monitor CO2 in the subsurface through a new project awarded by the US Department of Energy (DOE).

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology has the potential to reduce net CO2 emissions by up to 8595% compared to the same process without CCS, but the success of CCS depends on accurate, efficient methods for monitoring CO2 storage in underground facilities in order to avoid leaks.

In partnership with the DOE, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and Expero Inc., GroundMetrics will develop a continuous monitoring system to measure resistivity changes in the subsurface. The system it will empower sequestration managers to monitor CO2 saturation and thus provide insight into how the CO2 is being distributed underground and whether it is leaking.

Traditional data interpretation techniques are prohibitively expensive and time-intensive. By combining patented electromagnetic data acquisition technology with new deep learning techniques for data analysis, GroundMetrics may dramatically reduce the time and money required for CO2monitoring. Better monitoring provides the technical basis for more widespread CCS adoption.

"You can only manage what you measure," said George Eiskamp, CEO at GroundMetrics. "Using deep learning to analyze resistivity data means that field operators will finally be able to monitor geological CO2 storage accurately and efficiently. It will save them weeks of time and tens of thousands of dollars. This is the missing piece in the CCS puzzle."

GroundMetrics Inc. is a world leader in the development of electromagnetic sensor systems and data analytics tools. The company takes a pragmatic approach to rapid innovation and its proprietary technologies provide unique insights about the subsurface. GroundMetrics offers full-field survey and monitoring services as well as partnership opportunities to oil and gas, geophysical service, and mineral exploration companies. (PRWEB)

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