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North-East Project Could Help Large-Scale Use of Carbon Capture Technology in UK

 August 19, 2018

A north-east project could be the “stepping point” to begin large-scale use of technology to reduce carbon emissions in the UK, according to its manager.

Alan James, managing director of Pale Blue Dot Energy, the firm behind the Acorn carbon capture and storage (CCS) project at the St Fergus gas terminal, is hopeful further support could be obtained from the UK Government.

He said: “The CCS environment is evolving at just the right pace for Acorn to be considered as potentially a really good stepping point to kick that whole thing off.

“We’re busy talking with industry and engaging interest and there is a growing interest now from industry in re-engaging with CCS post-2015.”

In 2015 Westminster ran a competition for £1 billion funding for CCS projects, with the development considered the front-runner when the funding was pulled. (Evening Express)

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