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Yanchang Petroleum CCUS Technology: Reduces Global Warming

 July 6, 2018

Globle warming caused by greenhouse gases such as CO2 is the hot issues focused by international society. As a  integrated energy enterprise, Yanchang Petroleum actively explore a coordinated development way for CO2 emission reduction and oil & gas field high-efficient mining, as well as developing CCUS as a  new enchance oil recovery (EOR) technology.

The oil reserviors developed in the north of Shaanxi are mainly low pressure densify sandstone reservoir with difficult issues such as water injection difficulty, low level effective development and water resources shortage. CCUS collects and purifys the CO2 emission during production process of coal chemical industry through special process measures. The captured CO2 will be used for EOR, the oil production will be enchaned while the CO2 emission is reduced. Currently, Yanchang Petroleum built 2 CO2 EOR and storage test site in September 2012 and December 2014 respectively. The stored CO2 in the test zone has reached 117,300 ton, increased oil production has ran into more than 100,000 ton.

Since 2007, the Yanchang Petroleum has undertaken projects of the national science and technology support plan, 863 plan, the National key research and development plan, and has built 2 CO2 EOR and storage demonstration areas as the first domestic full scale and integrated CCUS project undertaken independently by enterprise. CCUS is widely recognized by the international community. The CCUS project conducted by Yanchang Petroleum plays as a leading and demostration role to show China’s CO2 emission reduction committment to Paris Agreement.

So far, the Yanchang Petroleum has finished the feasibility research for a 360,000 ton/year CCUS demonstration project. It is focused to built a million tons level CCUS project with completed CO2 capture, EOR and storage process. (Edit by LinksChina)

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