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Class Introduction –Climate Finance and CCUS Administrative Class

 April 18, 2018

Climate change is the major challenges in the 21st century. In order to solve the climate change problem, all kinds of energy saving and emission reduction, clean enegry  and low carbon energy technology have been developed rapidly. The carbon dioxide capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) is considered to be one of the most effective technology to achieve greenhouse gas emissions reduction.

Carbon emissions trading system (ETS) is a major innovation practice to control and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and to promote green & low carbon development through the use of market mechanism. At the end of 2017, China had finished the overall design of the national carbon emissions trading system .

This course covers the key success factors, implementation  and management for the development of CCUS and ETS in China - including „why“, „what“ and „how to do“, as well as sharing the knowledge and project experience with the CCUS and ETS expert. whether you are working for government agencies, state-owned enterprises or private enterprises, you will be able to effectively use the practical knowledge and experience in this course to get the key knowledge and information.

Course Aims: to help expand personal knowledge and skills, to lay the foundation for becoming a low-carbon expert in the future, and to enhance the confidence of individuals and enterprises to cope with climate change and low-carbon development.

Course features: this is the first professional course which focused on climate change and carbon capture and storage in China. guest lecturers are experts from famous universities at home and abroad like Edinburgh university, leading research institutions like South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, CAS and other leading research institutions and low carbon industry. Certificate will be issued by university of Edinburgh after the course.

course arrangement: April 24th, 2018 to April 25th, 2018. (LinksChina)

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