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Mitsubishi Perfecting Post Combustion Carbon Capture

Tuesday, Nov 20, 2007
Article Type: Cited

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) of Yokohoma, Japan, is perfecting post combustion carbon capture, with a number of pilot, demonstration and commercial scale projects, and it has developed its own special solvent. Ronald Mitchell, manager of business development of MHI's environmental plant department, explains.

MHI has developed a commercially available, proprietary post-combustion flue gas CO2 recovery system called the KM-CDR (Kansai Mitsubishi Carbon Dioxide Recovery) Process.

The technology has been developed to run on natural gas fired applications, and it can also be retrofitted to existing coal power stations.

To develop the system for coal fired gas streams, it has built and is operating a 10 ton per day demonstration facility in Matsushima, southern Japan.

The results at this demonstration facility have been critical in furthering MHI's understanding of the effects of various coal based impurities on the CO2 capture process.

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