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China Set to Displace North America With Carbon Capture Projects

 March 28, 2017

China is expected to displace North America and take the lead in the next wave of carbon capture and storage projects after its first large-scale endeavor with the technology advanced.
Construction on the Yanchang Integrated Carbon Capture and Storage Project will begin after a final investment decision was taken to go ahead with the demonstration site, according to the Global CCS Institute, a non-profit organization that has provided technical and advisory support for the initiative.
The project was undertaken as a part of China’s 2015 deal with the U.S. to combat climate change. When complete, it will be able to capture 410,000 metric tons of carbon a year. It’s one of eight large-scale CCS projects -- in varying stages of evaluation and subject to approval -- that China is considering, according to Tony Zhang, senior adviser at the institute.
Of the 16 large-scale CCS projects operating around the world, two-thirds are in North America, according to the Paris-based International Energy Agency. Four out of five new projects under construction are also based in Canada or the U.S.
The next wave of projects, though, is expected to happen in China, which accounts for about half of all CCS projects under serious consideration or planning, IEA analyst Samantha McCulloch said in a presentation in Beijing on Monday. In 2020, China will have 330 gigawatts of coal-fired plants that could potentially be retrofitted with emission-reduction technology, she said.
Project developer Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Group Co. didn’t respond to multiple phone calls seeking comment. (Bloomberg News)
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