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CO2 Solutions Announces Allowance of U.S. Patent

Sunday, September 11, 2016

The company has received a notice of allowance for the patent, "Process for Capturing CO2 from a Gas using Carbonic Anhydrase and Potassium Carbonate."

The patent adds more depth to CO2 Solutions' already extensive U.S. patent portfolio, providing broad coverage for a carbonic anhydrase accelerated processes for carbon capture using a potassium carbonate solution. Potassium carbonate is a highly stable and benign CO2 capture solvent. Unlike amine-based capture processes, it has no toxic degradation products or waste issues. Additionally, the company says its proprietary technology significantly reduces operating costs relative to amine-based systems by using low-grade nil-value heat for solvent regeneration, rather than high-cost steam. CO2 Solutions believes the patent will have significant value especially relative to the use of carbonic anhydrase to improve CO2 absorption and desorption in a CO2 capture process based on the use of potassium carbonate solutions.

Evan Price, President and Chief Executive Officer of CO2 Solutions, stated, "This patent is yet another element in our robust intellectual property portfolio which we believe effectively covers all viable routes to commercialization of carbonic anhydrase enzyme-based systems for carbon capture." (Carbon Capture Journal)

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