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Praxair Oxy-coal Demonstration Project Proposed for New York

Tuesday, Aug 28, 2007
Article Type: Cited

The project will assess the application of Praxair's oxy-coal technology to the Jamestown Board of Public Utilities's (BPU) proposed Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) Clean Coal base project.

The Jamestown BPU is the largest municipally-owned energy generating utility in New York State, providing service to the City of Jamestown and the surrounding area for more than 115 years.

The proposed project aims to reduce air emissions by a factor of 10 compared to the best air based coal burning technology currently available. If successful, it will be the first demonstration project of its kind in the U.S.

Praxair's Oxy-coal technology involves the efficient combustion of coal in a mixture of oxygen and recirculated flue gas and lowers the cost of CO2 capture. Once captured, the CO2 is compressed and transported by pipeline to an underground storage site.

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