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DOE Preparing for the First Big US CCS Project

Friday, Aug 24, 2007
Article Type: Cited

The U.S. Department of Energy is preparing to commission America's first large-scale demonstrations of CO2 capture and deep geologic storage.

The projects are in fulfillment of a commitment announced last October to Phase III of the Carbon Sequestration Regional Partnerships Program and could lead to a tripling of the world's present large-scale demonstrations.

Proposals for the Phase III demonstrations include the world's earliest examination of on-shore geologic storage in deep saline reservoirs, efforts in large-scale carbon dioxide capture in coal-based power generation and the first commercial-scale linking of monitored storage with enhanced oil recovery in the United States.

The partnerships have proposed large-scale projects suited to their specific regions.

Activities are scheduled to begin in October, and early identification of projects will allow planning for the 10-year phase to move forward.

The range of Phase III proposals will advance the technologies of capture and storage, increase knowledge about the various kinds of geologic formations and lay down the methods, best practices and protocols necessary to initiate wider application of safe, secure and permanent storage of CO2 throughout the economy.

Capture proposals include the first large-scale applications to coal-based power plants, natural gas processing plants and ethanol production plants.

Storage proposals include the first demonstration of using a depleted U.S. oil field for sequestration and the world's first large-scale, on-shore storage in deep saline formations.

Proposed storage depths range from 3,000 to 10,000 feet and all formations, or sinks, are covered by high-integrity cap rock to ensure the security of long-term storage.

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