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Novel Technology Locates Potential Carbon Storage Sites

Tuesday, Aug 14, 2007
Source: NETL
Article Type: Cited

Researchers at the Office of Fossil Energy's National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) have developed a new sensor system called SEQURE that can locate abandoned oil and gas reservoirs that could be used to permanently store carbon dioxide.

Attached to airborne vehicles such as helicopters, SEQURE uses magnetic and methane sensors to quickly locate abandoned and leaking wells over large areas.

The magnetic sensors detect any steel well casings in the area, which are then depicted on maps that are used for ground reconnaissance. The magnetic sensors are able to detect at least 95 percent of the wells present in oil and gas fields.

In the 2005 proof-of-concept flight over the SaltCreek Oilfield in Wyoming, SEQURE's magnetic sensors detected 133 of 139 wells. The remainder of the wells remained hidden because of corroded or removed casing, or because the casing was made of a non-magnetic material,such as wood.

It was developed by NETL in conjunction with an international team of researchers from Apogee Scientific Inc.(Englewood, Colo.), Fugro Airborne Surveys (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada),and LaSen Inc. (Las Cruces, N.M.).

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