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Dominion Applies for 'Carbon Capture Compatible' Power Plant in Virginia
Virginia  US

Tuesday, July 17, 2007
Article Type: Cited

US energy company Dominion has applied for permission to build a "carbon capture compatible" 585 megawatt power station in Southwest Virginia, USA, at a cost of $1.6bn, building commencing April 2008 for operations in 2012.

Dominion defines carbon-capture compatible as meaning that "technology to capture carbon dioxide could be added to the station when it becomes commercially available". This means that it has left space to install possible future carbon capture equipment.

Dominion is sponsoring research at Virginia Tech to see if it is possible to store carbon dioxide in coal seams in Southwest Virginia.

The plant will have other technology to make it as clean as possible; including circulating fluidized bed technology to remove sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide. It will be able to burn coal with a range of different qualities.

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