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EC Preparing 'Communication' on CCS Legal and Regulatory Aspects

Tuesday, June 05, 2007
Article Type: Cited

The European Commission is currently preparing a "Communication" on legal and regulatory aspects of carbon capture and storage, according to an article by the European Commission's Dr Pierre Dechamps, in Power Company Doosan Babcock's recent "Energy Brief" newsletter.

The European Commission communication will address 6 different issues:
i) Permits for geological storage, including risk management, site selection, monitoring, reporting, verification, closure and post closure
ii) Liability for leakage from storage sites both during operation and afterwards
iii) How CCS fits into current EU legislation, in particular for waste and water
iv) Recognition of CCS projects in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme
v) The need and possible options for government incentives for CCS in a transitional period (until the market can take care of all the financing)
vi) Status of CCS projects under rules and guidelines for State Aid.

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