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ScottishPower Studies Carbon Capture on Existing Power Stations
Scotland  UK

Thursday, May 17, 2007
Article Type: Reprinted

ScottishPower has started a feasibility study to convert its two largest power stations, Longannet and Cockenzie, Scotland, into clean coal technology.

It would build new supercritical turbines and boilers, burning the coal at ultra high temperatures and pressures. These new turbines and boilers would be built within the existing power station buildings. It would enable carbon emissions to be reduced by 20 percent.

The design input is being provided by Alstom Power and Doosan Babcock. Construction could start in 2009, with operations beginning in 2012. If the project goes ahead, it will be largest project of its type in Europe.

ScottishPower is also looking into implementing carbon capture technology at Longannet, driving the carbon dioxide into underground coal seams to drive out methane gas. This technology could be integrated with the new boilers.

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