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Total and Carbon Capture Technology
Lacq  France

Thursday, May 24, 2007
Article Type: Cited

Total is planning a carbon capture and storage system at a power station in Lacq, South West France. The system is planned to start up in 2008, after two years of studies and preparation.

One of the five steam boilers in the steam generating plant at Lacq will be converted to an oxygen fired pulverised coal combustion ("oxyfuel") unit.

This means that the flue gas consists only of carbon dioxide and water vapour. The water vapour can be condensed, leaving a pure carbon dioxide stream.

The carbon dioxide will then be compressed and injected into depleted gas reservoirs nearby.

The pilot plant will produce 40 tonnes of steam per hour, which will be used by nearby industry. Up to 150,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide will be captured over two years.

This is the first oxyfuel combusion unit of its scale treating gaseous and liquid fuel, Total says, and also the first experiment with carbon dioxide storage in France.

Total is keen to learn more about the oxyfuel combustion process. The company has been running a research program on carbon storage since 2001, focusing on injection and geological storage of carbon dioxide and other sour gases, storing the gas in depleted natural gas and oil reservoirs and deep salty aquifers.

It wants to find ways to reduce the costs, and determine the feasibility and reliability of injection and long term gas storage.

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