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UK Competes for First CCS Plant

Monday, May 07, 2007
Article Type: Cited

The UK government announced a competition to build the first full scale carbon capture and storage demonstration plant in its 2007 budget.

Full details of the competition will be announced in the UK government's Energy White paper, to be released in May 2007, with a result to be announced in 2008. The demonstration plant should be built in the next decade.

"This competition gives innovative UK industries the opportunity to become the leading exporters of CCS technology for the low carbon age."

The UK government is also putting together a possible regulatory regime for storing carbon dioxide underground and will launch a consultation on it later in 2007.

Later in 2007 it will announce the first recipients of a £35m carbon abatement technology demonstration fund.

The UK is working together with Norway on a regulatory regime for storage under the North Sea, with a possibility for joint UK-Norway owned infrastructure on the seabed.

The UK is also leading a EU near zero emissions coal initiative which is developing a carbon capture and storage demonstration plant in China, and is pursuing a similar project in India.

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