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Near Zero Coal and Ultra-clean Combustion Technologies Forum Held by Nero Zero Emission Magazine

Thursday, May 15, 2014

On the 2nd Guangdong International CCUS Conference held on May 15, 2014, Nero Zero Emission magazine held a Near Zero Coal and Ultra-clean Combustion Technologies Forum to discuss various near zero emission technologies.

Miss Zhou from GEDI introduced near zero emission technologies for coal-fired power plants. Near zero emission technologies are technologies that can achieve near zero emission of gas, waste water and solid pollutants, including high efficiency denitration technology, high efficiency dust removal technology, high efficiency desulfurization technology, flue gas demercuration technology, decarbonization technology, wastewater discharge technology, multipurpose use of solid waste, and typical technical line.

Currently , typical projects are 2×350MW thermoelectric project in Guangzhou nansha hengli, Guohua Daya Bay project in Huizhou, and Shenhua-Guohua-Yudean Taishan power plant 1-5 units 600MW environmental retrofit project.

Mr. Li, director of market management from Alstom introduced their Air Quality Control System (AQCS). Alstom is a leading technology innovator of environmental control systems; it owns the world’s largest AQCS test facilities and conducting environmental business in industries all over the world. Its clean power solutions can reduce costs of electricity, lower environmental footprint and increasing flexibility and reliability.

Alstom’s product portfolio for power & heat plant includes NOx control system (selective catalytic reduction systems and combustion modification), mercury control system (Mer-CureTM and FilsorptionTM), particulate control system (fabric filter and electrostatic precipitator), flue gas desulphurisation (wet FGD and seawater FGD) and integrated systems (NIDTM and spray dryer absorber) which can achieve at most 98%-99% efficiency when applied to power plants.

The integrated AQCS developed by Alstom has been patented in the U.S. and it realizes zero waste water pollution with a total efficiency of over 86%, which paves the way for CCS.

Dr. Jia Li concluded at the end of the forum, “CCS is based on these clean technologies, the Near Zero Emission magazine welcomes enterprises with advanced or innovative near zero emission technologies to contribute to the magazine. This magazine has been supported by the provincial government and we will spare no efforts to make it better.” (Linkschina)

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