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Promoting CO2 Transportation, Storage and Utilization Work in Guangdong

Thursday, May 15, 2014

On the 2nd Guangdong International CCUS Conference, a panel meeting on how to promote CO2 transportation, storage and utilization work in Guangdong was held by the experts from these fields.

Professor Zhou Di made a speech titled ‘Where are the sites for storing CO2 from Guangdong?’ She said that sites for storing CO2 from Guangdong is offshore, because the onshore sedimentary basins are small and land resources are limited in Guangdong, and it has no CO2 storage potential onshore. But there are large-scale offshore sedimentary basins with good geological conditions and vast CO2 storage potential.

Preliminary assessment shows that, it is sufficient for large-scale point sources in Guangdong to store hundreds of years CO2 emissions only in the Pearl River Mouth Basin. Potential storage sites in the Pearl River Mouth Basin match well with  CO2 point sources along the coast, at 120~300km distance.

And she concluded that sufficient CO2 storage capacity offshore Guangdong provides the possibility to develop CCUS. In harmonic with oil/gas exploration, a study on ranking potential CO2 storage site in the basin is needed, in two aspects: viability study of reuse existing infrastructure to reduce the storage cost and ranking dry structures for CO2 storage. The selection of storage site for the first full chain CCUS demo project is an urgent task.

Then, Mr Bill Senior talked about ’Lessons and Experience from Failed Projects for Guangdong to Develop CCS Projects’. Three UK CCS demonstration projects have failed to progress beyond FEED studies because of many reasons which include lack of policy support, inadequate funding, wrong projects, issues with storage site or EOR and loss of corporate support after changes in ownership or strategy.

He considered that a portfolio of possible projects is needed in Guangdong to improve probability of successful CCUS demonstration in Guangdong. He also suggested developing robust plans for storage site selection and characterization. Address availability of oil and gas sites and schedule and funding of new appraisal wells. Oil companies must be actively engaged and committed. Specific data access/availability issues need to be addressed. Progress EOR in parallel with other storage options, i.e. depleted fields and saline aquifers. We need to incorporate additional storage integrity activity in Guangdong programme and build capability through knowledge transfer and demonstration project. Legal/regulatory frameworks need to be developed to ensure storage and transport will be safe, legal and viable. These cases build on existing Chinese frameworks and international experience.

Professor Peng Bo introduced the standard system construction of CCS quantification and verification at the meeting. He made a detailed explanation on referential standard of CO2 capture, storage and transport.

Dr Wei Ning made a speech titled ‘Early Opportunities of CCS Deployment in China: Focusing on Coal Chemical Plants’. He suggested conducting CO2 storage site suitability evaluation and source-sink matching in China. He said there are great potential for CCS in lots of CCS with low cost in coal chemical industry for early deployment in China. It’s good start point of CCS from CCT to other sources.

At the end of the panel meeting, Dr Fan Xianfeng discussed about the “Pore Scale Study for CO2 Storage and Enhanced Oil Recovery”. This study mainly focuses on oil/CO2 displacement and migration at geological fault and pores; pore Resistance to Different Gases; effect of Chemical Structure on Pore Wetting; effect of Alkyl Chain Length on Pore Wetting; pore Wetting of CO2 –water-brine-n-decane; water, Gas and Liquid CO2 in a Capillary Tube. (Linkschina)


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