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CIMC ENRIC Energy Solutions

Thursday, May 15, 2014

CIMC ENRIC Holding Limited Representative Hu Aihe introduced the basic information about the CIMC Group and its subsidiary CIMC Enric Holdings Limited, including organisation and management structure, main business area, development history, key customers.

CIMC Enric Holdings Limited is mainly engaged in the R&D, manufacturing,sales and engineering services of energy and chemical equipment, food equipment. CIMC Enric can supply comprehensive solutions for gas fueling stations, urban gasification equipment.

The fundamental of CIMC ENRIC’s comprehensive solution is the company core competence, which is consist of four elements - global R&D platform, key equipment manufacturing, logistic solutions and turn-key projects.

Referred to the manufacturing capacity of key equipment, the market share of ENRIC’s intermodal tank container, high pressure tube assembly, cryogenic liquid tank container, cryogenic liquid storage tanks and cryogenic liquid transportation equipment is the No.1 in the world.

Logistic solution is based on key equipment, ENRIC provide transport and logistic equipment for energy, chemical and food, and adopt an advanced intelligent management system - Tank Carer, provide real time monitoring and alarm, operation dispatch and management, product services and maintenance, integrated application and extended services.

ENRIC’s turn-key projects include CNG filling station, LNG/LCNG gas station, LNG vaporizing station and storage station for cryogenic. The integration of the four key elements represent the unique systematic solution capacity of ENRIC for energy, chemical and food industry. (Linkschina)

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