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The Progress of CCUS Demonstration in China Resources Power Haifeng Power Plant in Guangdong

Thursday, May 15, 2014

CRP Technical Deputy Director Heping Zhu introduced the development progress and future planning for CRP Haifeng Project at the 2nd Guangdong International CCUS Conference.

To accelerate the national low carbon province pilot work of Guangdong province, People’s government and Development and Reform Committee of Guangdong province, confirmed China Resources as the leading organization for Guangdong CCUS demonstration, and China Resources Haifeng Power Plant Phase 1 Unit 3 and 4 2×1000 MW expansion project as the first CCUS Demo project in Guangdong, providing CCUS ready interface installation scheme in feasibility study stage.

Currently, China Resources' long term partner–Guangdong Electricity Power Design Institute is working on the CCUS ready interface design scheme, initially supply the condition for carry out the land and waters acquisition.

Next step, with the great support of government and partner, we will based on the comparison of advanced and economic carbon capture process program, select the best implementable scheme, firmly accelerate the CCUS demonstration work of China Resources Haifeng project. (Linkschina)

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