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CNOOC's Offshore Carbon Storage Work in Guangdong

Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Representative of CNOOC Yong Yang made a presentation on offshore carbon storage, which includes the basic information about CNOOC, the progress of CNOOC’s CCUS Development, the key issue of offshore carbon storage and suggestions for develop offshore carbon storage.

Firstly, Yong Yang introduced the history of CNOOOC and its main business area. He then introduced the work progress of CNOOC’s CCUS development, he pointed out CNOOC started the technical research of CO2 utilisation and storage in 2003, and started CCUS project research in 2010 and 2012.

He stressed according to the geological condition of Guangdong, offshore storage is the only option for Guangdong. However, offshore storage still faces many issues, such as lack of successful offshore storage experience in China, it’s technically difficult than onshore storage and its infrastructure, operation and monitoring cost is relatively higher.

The technical challenges of offshore storage include selection criteria of offshore CO2 storage form, safety evaluation method of offshore CO2 storage, simulation technology of CO2 offshore storage, monitoring solution of offshore CO2 storage, the migration law analysis of CO2 mixed fluid, the dissolved state of CO2 in aqueous phase and oil phase.

For the suggestion of offshore storage, he stressed must accomplish the top-level design, such as define objective, determine the research scope, technical roadmap and research subject; carry out the annual special project research; resolve and implement the funding requirement for offshore storage; launch offshore engineering in form of demonstration project until conditions are perfect. (Linkschina)

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