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Knowledge Sharing and Intellectual Property Protection of CCS

Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Representative of South China University of Technology Wang Yan made a presentation on knowledge sharing and intellectual property protection. Firstly, Wang Yan referred to the carbon emission is the law of nature, for the future of mankind, carbon must be reduced. Challenges of CCUS include the technology, innovation and the design of system, legislation, and right concept is the pillar of the system.

Wang Yan then introduced the relevant system and challenges for innovation. He proposed some issues we may concern, such as the ownership of patent funded by government, sharing of knowledge accumulated in CCUS sample projects processing, limited patents right in CCUS technology standard, and patents compulsory licensing when private right conflicted with fundamental public interest.

Finally, Wang Yang summarized the status of Intellectual Property in Guangdong, stressed that Guangdong is a big IP province in China, and it is in a leading place for IP accumulation in China; he suggested regulating the right of technology and patent funded by government, build up the CCUS patent pool and the sharing mechanism, establish patent compulsory licensing mechanism. (Linkschina)

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