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CCS Development in China Encourages the Minister of UK DECC Gregory Barker
  China, UK

Thursday, May 15, 2014

British Minister of State at the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) Gregory Barker has made an important speech at the 2nd Guangdong CCUS International Expert Workshop.

He referred to the September 2013, UKDECC and Guangdong Government signed a low carbon collaboration agreement and MoU for the establishment of the joint CCUS centre under the witness of Governor of Guangdong Zhu Xiaodan, UK (Guangdong) centre is the positive collaboration example and the important milestone between the two parties.

He believes CCS has substantial potential for emission reduction. CCS is developing significantly worldwide, from the projection of IEA; global CCS market value will reached up to £100 billion by the 2050, CCS has been supported in Guangdong is encouraging him.

UK has already declared its commitment for CCS development and has been allocated £1 billion funding support for the first CCS projects, and £125 million to develop CCS R&D projects. He also noticed that UK and China has a common goal of low carbon future, hope to have more policy cooperation and scientific research cooperation with China in the future. (Linkschina)

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