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Xu Shaohua’s Address on the 2nd Guangdong International Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) Conference

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Xu Shaohua, member of the Standing Committee of Guangdong Provincial Committee of the CPC and the Executive Deputy Governor, met with MP Gregory Barker, the Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change, who is visiting Guangdong Province, and then they attended the 2nd Guangdong International Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) Conference together, which held in UK-China (Guangdong) CCUS Centre in Guangzhou on May 15, 2014, and made a speech. He reviewed a series of important cooperation agreements and memorandums in energy cooperation and low carbon development signed with the UK during the Governor Zhu Xiaodan’s visit to the UK last year, and he emphasized the importance the of carbon dioxide capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) technology for energy conservation and emissions reduction and low carbon development in Guangdong Province.

“I am privilege to attend the 2nd Guangdong International CCUS Conference to see us investigate a near-zero emission technology and a green, low-carbon future. CCUS is another great innovation to realize Guangdong’s ecological civilization establishment. On behalf of Guangdong Provincial Government and the Governor Mr Zhu Xiaodan I would like to welcome you all, and a great appreciation to all institutions that contribute to the CCUS development!”

It is an international consensus to limit the greenhouse gas emissions to tackle the climate change. The Chinese government has made promises and has started efforts in capping greenhouse gas emissions and promoting emissions trading and low-carbon demonstration. Statistics show that Guangdong’s carbon intensity has been decreased by 4.53% in 2013 compared to that in 2012, with a 14.67% accumulative decrease from 2010 to 2013; Guangdong has proved China’s low-carbon achievements while still, a long way to go. Coal still accounted for 48.7% of Guangdong’s primary energy; fossil fuels still accounted for 83.6%. We are even more convinced that energy revolution is not only the basis of establishing ecological civilization and realizing low-carbon development, but also a strategic path for Guangdong to break the environmental bottlenecks for a sustainable future.

As a key low-carbon technology, CCUS plays an irreplaceable role in considerably decreasing energy intensity and carbon intensity per GDP capita. Last September, Governor Zhu Xiaodan witnessed Guangdong and the UK signing a series of cooperation MoUs to promote CCUS academic and industrial communication. “I was honorably invited to open the UK-China (Guangdong) CCUS Centre with NDRC Deputy Director Mr Xie Zhenhua last December. Today, I am exhilarated to see that the Centre’s perfect opening with the help from British Embassy in China, the British Consulate- General Guangzhou and Guangdong DRC. I sincerely hope that the Centre to continue its successful development in especially three areas, namely industrialization, piloting and financing, to provide intellectual support for Guangdong, China and the world. Also I am looking forward for the UK to provide further CCUS and other loe-carbon technologies for Guangdong, we will make all our efforts to the common green future for the UK, China and the world.” (Linkschina)

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